Interfaith Latin Interactions

Interfaith Latin relationships are a growing trend and although challenging, couples discover strategies to become supportive of each other’s spiritual figures through genuine, regular topic. It’s essential for both companions to understand their partner’s religious/spiritual worldview and practices early on inside relationship so as to respect these kinds of values that assist them to establish a strong impression of identity.

Grounded in Latina feminist theology, this article elucidates generally relevant conceptualizations of spirituality and positions results from a fresh questionnaire examine conducted amongst Latinas in Puerto Potentado and the US mainland. The findings reaffirm that for numerous Latinas/os, psychic techniques grant them to connect to The awfully through their particular relationships with family members, close friends, community and nature. All their sense of God’s presence also allows them to prevail over personal and friends and family hardships also to strive for public modify. These cultural worth, including personalismo and delicioso, produce situations for individual reference to their understanding of different divine beings such as Christ, the Virgin Mary and Our Wife of Guadalupe and saints.

This research complications the secularization theory that assumes more modernity means a lesser faith and assessments a Latina American model of well-liked religiosity which definitely seems to be heavily affected by Catholicism. The article features the sociological facets which may discuss variations in Latin American religiosity and suggests how these variations might notify future research upon Latino spiritualities.